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Why We Are Different

  • No Set Up Fees
  • No Processing Fees
  • Pay As You Go
Stop in for a free introductory training session
  • Burn Personal TrainingInstructing proper technique
  • Intense WorkoutsCardio boxing
  • Couples Workout PlansLilian and Keith having fun working out together
  • Body SculptingWorkouts designed to isolate muscle groups
  • Sport-specific TrainingJake performing a Straddle Split Squat
  • Performance EnhancementHard core sled pushing
Burn Personal Training1 Intense Workouts2 Couples Workout Plans3 Body Sculpting4 Sport-specific Training5 Performance Enhancement6

     A unique, limited-member, personal training facility providing services to a diverse clientele of all fitness levels. Our goal is to change lives by providing the proper structure, motivation, and coaching necessary to develop one’s exercise habit and development.
     Obesity has steadily increased over the past few decades. Doctors more than ever are advising patients to start an exercise program. Unfortunately, most people lack the motivation and the proper exercise knowledge to make this change by themselves. They don't know where to turn to receive the appropriate help, or simply, just don't have the finances to be able to afford it. At Burn Personal Training, we make personal training affordable for everyone.

     If you had the proper knowledge and motivation to change the way you look and feel...would you do it?